Grace Christine Banez
Grace Christine Banez is a
loving wife and proud mother.
She is a nurse by profession
with a Master's Degree in
Medical-Surgical Nursing and
Psychiatric Nursing. She loves
working as a Financial
Services Consultant. Her first
book is entitled "Manual for
Nurse Immigration to the
United States of America."
Lovingly Yours, Mommy is her
second book.
The author was just three when her father was kidnapped,
leaving her and her two-month pregnant mother confused,
devastated and in despair. They travelled together through a
stormy journey that made them learn to treasure what really
matters in life.
It was a difficult journey, yes, but there were silver linings that
kept their hopes alive. Their mother was tough and loving,
building dreams with them, making sure they know how to reach
those dreams.
She was the captain of their ship, showing them that after all, in
spite of the pains, life is still beautiful.
What Others Say:
“After reading this
book, I resolved to
spend time with my
family more than I
already do. So that
when the trumpet
sounds, I am prepared, at
peace and ready,
knowing I haven’t wasted
my time.”
Genevive Rulona
A loving wife and mother
What Others Say:
“This book teaches important lessons about life and
what being parents really means. Knowing the author
personally, I can see how her stories had shaped her
into who she is today. A must-read for all parents.”
Hendri Chandra Tjong,
A loving husband
Manager, SP-NGCHEESUM, AIA Singapore
Private Limited
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Lovingly Yours, Mommy